A Brief Introduction

I’ll spare you my life story because no one on the internet really gives a crap about that. The nuts and bolts of things are simple. I spent seventeen years as an unmedicated, undiagnosed type 2 Bipolar. I also have many autistic qualities that I knew nothing about until my son was diagnosed with it. And that was about 30 years. I’m starting this blog because I just have things I want to get out of my mind. I really do not care if anyone reads it or not, but I will leave it in public domain because I have had others ask me to do something of the sort in the past. If anyone can learn anything from it or how to better help or understand one of their loved ones, so much the better.

If being Bipolar has taught me anything, it’s that no matter how bad things may currently be, it can always be way the fuck worse. I was lucky to have family that gave a shit and people around me that do. Some folks that have been in my position have not had that luxury. And this is why I will never complain about my own issues. On the flip-side of the coin, this has also made it a lot harder for me to even feign the slightest amount of sympathy for other peoples’ pointless bullshit.

Aww, you got passed over for a promotion?

Aww, life so isn’t fair?

Aww, you don’t have enough money?

Watch me shed crocodile tears for you. The petty bullshit people consider “problems” nowadays is by and large, laughable. I will expand upon this and more in coming posts. Those that find this entertaining, by all means follow along. Those that don’t, a lot of people suffered and died for you to express your opinions and me mine.

“I love being from a screwed up family. Nothing bugs me, nothing bothers me. Once you’ve driven a drunk father to mom’s parole hearing, what else is there?!” – Christopher Titus ‘Norman Rockwell is Bleeding’


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