Second Class Citizens

I despise Political Correctness for numerous reasons. The primary one is the pretentious hypocrisy that it pushes on we as a people. Saving peoples’ feelings and buffering up their insecurities became more important than the truth. In that, everyone is a special delicate snowflake. White people should feel guilty for being genocidal assholes that gave us a country. Black people were victims of the slave trade conveniently overlooking they were sold and traded into slavery by their own kin. Women are oppressed and treated unfairly by men while conveniently overlooking that men do the exact same shit to each other. Keepers of the mentally handicapped do not like the word retard because it is insulting.

Good, peachy, perfect, keen. We are well on our way to being a society of people that is sensitive to one another; or whatever it is they think they’re going for.

So why is it that all these special interest groups don’t speak out for a much larger group? A group of people that touches every single one of those demographics. The demographic of the insane. We’re black, we’re white, we’re brown, we’re men, we’re women; we are everything. Yet, we’re the ones that are marginalized and are today’s second class citizens. The class of citizens that no one wants to look at because it might be a little unpleasant or difficult.

Perhaps, I’m being melodramatic. Perhaps I’m just over-reacting to a world that I don’t belong in to begin with. So let us have a look at a few truths regarding the way the mentally ill and society interact today.

*Lobbying groups have conveniently pushed to have mental illness included as an insurance pre-existing condition. The Bipolar die upwards of 25 years earlier than the normal. Why? Because we are usually too escalated or depressed to care about our health. However if we want insurance, we get to either pay far out the ass into the realm of the unaffordable or be disqualified on application.

*Life insurance to provide for our loved ones and children once we’re gone? See the above.

*Medical emergency requiring an organ transplant? We’re sorry, but we do not approve people that have been suicidal or self-destructive to receive donor organs because the organs are so rare and valuable. But your organs will be fine to put in others, just not your brain I guess.

*Our assistance systems that are currently in place from the government are accessible when you are homeless or incarcerated. Very little federal funding to help you get what you need to prevent yourself from hitting that point. The stupid part is, many of those people would be contributing members of society if they got the help they needed.

*A laughable disability system that takes, at minimum, six months to a year to get through.

*Little to no oversight of the people that are supposed to be ‘helping’. Virtually every person I know with a mental illness has a story to tell about how their medical professional made them worse because they would not listen.

*Mental problems are still hushed up as something to be ashamed of. Those lost to suicide are promptly swept under the ground and held there lest there might be some feelings of responsibility for missing months or years of suicidal indicators.

*Asylums that ran as long as the 70’s and 80’s that were ridiculously understaffed and featured patients chained to furniture, their beds, or otherwise abused. One nurse to care for fifty people sounds like a fairly sound strategy that you would use in any hospital.

We’re all around you. We the crazies, we the insane, we the demented. Yet our plight and struggle for the ability to wake up without feeling like sucking off a shotgun are marginalized. Why? Because it’s unpleasant to have to deal with and come out of a comfortable niche. We’re the bitches of the medical industry and the mechanics of society.

So what do I hope to accomplish by talking about it? Nothing. I have no hope for major changes in those systems because not nearly enough people give a shit. Honestly? That’s perfectly fine. I’m cool with it. I know life is not fair and it is idiotic to expect it to be.

You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t give a fuck about the abortion debate. I’m sorry I just don’t have the time or inclination to give a shit that homosexuals can’t get married. I have a bit too much on my mind to suffer from white male guilt for my ancestors being genocidal, misogynistic assholes. Do me a favor and ask your God why he would be so heartless to condemn the people that lose their war to depression to Hell after they kill themselves? Haven’t suffered enough yet?

But of course; I’m the asshole when I see something I perceive to be truth and speak about it. I’m not being sensitive. I’m not being considerate. I’m not taking other peoples’ feelings into account. I should be careful what I say so I don’t upset others.

Society’s rules are for people that society wants. The mentally ill do not fall into that category, much the same as the Forgotten class that exists below poverty in the worst neighborhoods of the United States. You know, the same people that are painted to be leeches on the system with their glorious lifestyle of living off of welfare and stealing to survive.

Fuck your feelings.

“I’m not that kind of white.
I wasn’t born with enough money or privilege to be white.
I’m your discarded, thrown away piece of white trash.
And society had better start learning to tell the difference.”

-Blood for Blood “White Trash Anthem”


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