Announcing My Bipolar Manifesto

I’m going to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote my new website Bipolar Manifesto. Grimm’s Bipolar Bantering will be shifted to its new home on that domain. The website I hope to build into a useful utility for the supporters of/and survivors of of Depression and Bipolar Disorder.

To do that, I’m taking a starkly different approach than what I’ve seen all over the internet. I’m really not using the website itself to highlight my own struggles other than using them as examples. I also do not want to subject the reader to the same regurgitated DSM/Clinical material they will find all over the internet.

Essentially, my goal is to provide information that I would have found really useful myself when I went through similar circumstances. At present, I have pages up on coming to terms with living with this crap, pieces towards facilitating understanding that normals can relate to, as well as the things I’ve determined to be most important in the pursuit of wellness.

I am presently working on my first (hopefully of many) e-Booklet based around preserving Friendships and Relationships while dealing with the erratic nature of the Disorder. In it, I’m providing strategies for preservation to minimize the fall out of unwell period in addition to some resources that can be provided to loved ones to help them understand what the mentally ill person in their life is going through.

I welcome anyone that cares to stop by or join me on Bipolar Manifesto’s Facebook Page. I’ll be more than happy to answer questions or provide any insight for people that need it while walking this difficult path.


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