A Random Affirmation

I realize that I am very inconsistent with providing updates and useful information. I suppose I should have accounted for exactly how social I’m usually not before attempting to reach out to people and connect through social media means. But hey, hindsight and all of that. It isn’t that I don’t like people. It’s more that in addition to being Bipolar, my family has a history of High-Functioning Autism. Several of my social processes are just broken. I’ve learned how to adapt to them in the past few years; but it still requires a shitload of mental energy. (Also, my word processor didn’t detect shitload as being a typo- which amuses me greatly.)

But! Today I want to provide you an affirmation. I know a lot of us deal with a whole lot of bullshit on a daily basis from dealing with ignorant people to just trying to keep things together in our minds. Today may be a shit today, tomorrow may be too; but just keep moving forward. Keep trying things. If one medication or technique doesn’t work- try another. Keep trying. Keep pushing forward.

Things will never change unless you keep pushing yourself. You can conquer the chaos in your mind. You can own your mental illness instead of it owning you. Yes, it requires so much work and effort. No, it’s not fair. But neither is life. You can spend your time spiraling into depression, dwelling on it; or you can do something about it.

If I can do it- you can do it. Educate yourself on management, how medication really works, and pull out the stops to claim your mental wellness.

It’s glorious to wake up in the morning and have my first thoughts be of anything other than death or just sleeping through the day. I want that for each one of you as well. Be kind to yourself.


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