Bipolar Manifesto Celebrates Its Second Year!

Today, Bipolar Manifesto celebrates its second birthday. Well- near as I can tell anyways. It was the day I registered the domain name and began to upload what I had written for the website. My goal was to provide information based on what I thought would have helped me at the times when I was going through a lot of this bullshit. I read a lot when I was first diagnosed and I felt that there was a lack of actionable information on the internet. I found plenty of rehashing of DSM criteria, plenty of trying to make people feel better about what they were going through, and plenty of people trying to make sense of their struggles. Quite a bit of it useful- but not a lot of it you could put to work for yourself in a meaningful way.

And really, that’s what’s driven the information I present on my Bipolar Manifesto. I feel it is also why I have had such a great response from a number of people. So far there have been 250 blog comments and 1500 emails in my inbox since I launched the site. And yes, I read and respond to every single one in as detailed a way as possible.

So- how are things looking for the coming year?

-I have been working on this Friendships and Relationships e-book for awhile now. I’m putting a cut off on my work on it for May sometime. I’ve gone back and forth on a number of things with it that have caused me to push it back, plus the ebb and flow of my own brain-meats. The quality I expect for it is a bit difficult to reach for. I want either a professional or a novice to be able to pick it up, understand it, and view it as a strong piece of work. To that end- I’ve been including references where I know there to be some and have worked to distinctly separate my opinion from established fact. But in doing so, I need to make sure it is easy to understand for the novice. So it’s a balancing act for sure.

This will hopefully be the first of several e-books that I will offer on a pay what you want basis. I mean, there’s easily more than enough info collectively on my site to cram into a book but meh. Too disorganized and ineffective when presented that way.

-I’ve been contemplating picking up a web cam and doing short, 5 minute Q&A videos or my own “talks” of a sort. I see a lot of common questions that I have addressed in blog post form but people like video as well so what the hell? Quite a few pros; only cons are- I’ll have to wear pants and periodically make myself look socially acceptable. I know, I know- I’m just as horrified as you are.

-Well, that’s really it in the immediate. I have some personal goals- like Peer Support Certification- that will be reflected in what I do here. But other than that, no great ideas at the moment other than to keep exploring information and trying to communicate the bullshit better to the people out there that need it.

I kind of feel like that will be a “forever” project.

And I will close this post with a big Thank You. Thank you to the people who have offered praise and criticism, to the people who have shared my work or pointed me to others, to the people who have contributed donations to me. I greatly appreciate it all. Every bit of it helps give me the drive, exposure, and resources to hopefully bring my style of information and pursuit of well-being to people that need it.

So thank you!


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5 Responses to Bipolar Manifesto Celebrates Its Second Year!

  1. Kimberly says:

    Great work

  2. Amanda Nejbauer says:

    I am so happy and proud things are coming into fruition for you, Dennis. It is refreshing to have somekne to go to who can help pick up the pieces and put them back together.

    • Dennis says:

      Thank you, Mandy. I’m very happy to have reconnected with you later in life and I’m glad I can offer that contribution to you with your struggles. Miss ya!

  3. Ericka M says:

    I’d love to see you do videos. You have a great voice and I miss hearing it since I stopped playing WOW.

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