Happy Thanksgiving! And an Update…

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you out there who are observing it! I hope things are well for you all and your families. I’ve been a bit quieter than normal recently, adjusting to new living circumstances and other life goings on, and thought I would take a moment to update you all on the general direction for my work.

It’s been awhile since I released my last eBook, “Everyday Instability and Bipolar Disorder.” My next has been in the works for several months now and I’m pushing towards getting that wrapped up to be available early next year. The focus is on breaking through the barriers that prevent meaningful communication between the mentally ill and their loved ones. In it, I am exploring the recurring themes, fears, and problems I’ve witnessed in the past five years I’ve been trying to tear down other peoples’ walls. It is my hope that it will enable the mentally ill and their supporters to develop better rapport as well as chipping through the fear that keeps many people from seeking the help they need.

Some of you may recall, earlier this year, that I made a brief foray in attempting to launch a Youtube channel. There are numerous reasons why that didn’t pan out that I’m not going to go into here, as it’s not really that important. After more research and a lot of consideration on the things that went wrong, I have shifted that idea. I have decided to launch an audio podcast instead. In essence, I am planning to simply expand my work out into an audio format that will be easier for consumption. It will be available in a few easy to access locations, as well as through standard podcast channels.

The format I have settled on will be about a 20-30 minute episode once per week. I plan to launch in early January with the new year.

Between working on those two things and the general flow of what else I do, it has been keeping me pretty busy. Lots of unexpected challenges to deal with at times.

I am still very much here and doing what I do, just haven’t been as engaged as I probably should be. That’s another change I need to look at making moving forward.

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving for the Americans out there. And for my not American audience, have a great day. Be well.


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12 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving! And an Update…

  1. Kristy says:

    Thank you for update. Thrilled for podcasting’s 😉
    Happy thanksgiving to you!

  2. mike says:

    Best of luck Ill be listening!

  3. Eleni says:

    Congratulations Dennis for the new moves. All my best wishes… Do you think the audio podcasts will be available for audience like me in Ethiopia?

    • Dennis says:

      Hello, Eleni! I honestly don’t know. I will be putting it out through a couple of different channels to hopefully allow for my international audience members to hear it as well. But I don’t know what all countries will block what. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

  4. Orsi says:

    Good luck Dennis, can’t wait for the podcasts!

  5. Philip says:

    Thank you Dennis,
    You have been a help and an inspiration since I found you online.
    May God keep you in his grace.
    Peace be upon you.

  6. Beth says:

    Congratulations on taking this step! I will look forward to listening.

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