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Breaking Through The Walls Of Undiagnosed, Untreated Mood Disorders

There is a train of thought that I have been wrestling with since I started being open and doing what I do through my website- “how do you get through to someone who doesn’t realize there is a problem?” I’m … Continue reading

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Interpreting Bipolar and Depressive Thought Processes

Thanks to Ashley for the idea for this post! Being the friend or loved one of a person with mental illness is extremely difficult. Normals are used to dealing with typical emotions and thought processes from a well-minded perspective. I … Continue reading

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Always Be Willing To Question Discrepancies

No one wants to make their loved one more unwell or feel worse about their situation than they already do. Quite a few people that deal with mental illness know it does have an affect on them and the people … Continue reading

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Dealing With The Mentally Ill Who Damage Your Life

All across the internet you will find articles and advice on dealing with the damaged in a loving and kind manner. That is well and good in many cases. However, there are many people that have no interest in understanding … Continue reading

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A Meeting With Vocational Rehab

Today I had a meeting with a Vocational Rehab Counselor to help determine if I’m eligible for help for the career path I want to pursue- that of the Certified Peer Specialist. The Counselor that did my interview has been … Continue reading

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How You Relate To Mental Illness

When I was younger, angry, and far more depressed; I used to scoff at the notion of the impact of the language I used internally. It seemed entirely stupid that negative talk in my head would have any kind of … Continue reading

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Stigma, The Power Of Words, And You

Calling it now- this will probably be one of my least popular posts. A recent conversation in my comments section is the inspiration behind this post. Thank you Jenny for jarring this particular thought process for me. Stigma is a … Continue reading

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Marketing And Mental Stability

For most of my adult life- I’ve been unable to hold a job long-term. The only job I actually had for years I should have been fired from several times over because I was undiagnosed and unaware of my rights … Continue reading

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Bipolar Perception And Its Impact On Relationships

Perceiving the world through the eyes of a Bipolar person is a difficult thing to do for those with typical minds. This is especially problematic for the people who love or are friends with a Bipolar person. The question I … Continue reading

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An Organized Approach To Medicating

I can’t count the number of times I’ve ran into Bipolars and Depressives who do not have an organized approach to finding their wellness. I’ve dealt with a lot of different people since I started living openly with being Bipolar … Continue reading

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