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Mood Disorders And The Choices We Make

The central point of everything I bitch and harp about in regards to mood disorder management is education. The afflicted and their closest loved ones need to understand every facet of the mood disorder if they want to effectively counter … Continue reading

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Approaching Mood Disorders As Partners In A Relationship

Decision making is not one of the strong suits of an unwell, mentally ill person. The unwell brain can potentially convince us that anything is not only a great idea; but the best idea of our lives. This is apparent … Continue reading

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Musing on Death and Mood Disorders

November has typically been a triggering month for me in the past. My birthday, my son’s birthday, and a couple of other important birthdays. This year was different though. At 6 AM November 17th, on my birthday, my grandmother Shirley … Continue reading

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Representing Depression And Bipolar Disorder With The Drama Masks

Anyone that has spent any amount of time poking around the internet has likely run into the Laughing and Crying Drama Masks as representations of the dual nature of Bipolar Disorder. Of course, the Crying Mask can easily represent Depression. … Continue reading

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The Art Of Arguing Through Bipolar Disorder And Depression

The friends of loved ones of those with Bipolar Disorder and Depression are often faced with the daunting task of trying to get through to them. Unwell thought processes of these mood disorders twist and warp reality to such a … Continue reading

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Bipolar Relationships, Fact, and Rationality

There is a tremendous challenge for Bipolars and their loved ones to identify unwell thinking. After awhile, it’s pretty easy to separate unwell thinking once you understand what you are looking for. Today, I’m going to share with you how … Continue reading

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I Recently Fell In Love With This Great Person Who Mentioned They Are Bipolar But…

…now I don’t recognize the person and they are pushing me away. If this sounds familiar to you- then you may be one of the several people who have sent me a very similar comment or email. In most cases, … Continue reading

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Navigating Bipolar Disorder Thought Processes

I’ve recently seen an uptick in questions about deciphering the decision making process of Bipolar people. Today, I thought I would elaborate on some of my perceptions on how the decision making process works from my own mind and what … Continue reading

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An Interview On Spirituality

So about a week or so ago, I was approached by a woman who wanted to ask some questions about her Bipolar friend and felt I would be an interesting contribution to a pet project of hers- “You, Me, and … Continue reading

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Just A Bit Of Rambling About Me And My Interview

Okay, just a quick announcement. I created myself a secondary admin account with just the name Dennis. I always meant to use only my name and no aliases with this website and project; but I’m a moron and initially set … Continue reading

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