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A Few Misconceptions Of Psychiatric Medication #Bipolar #Depression

I spend a significant amount of time talking about psychiatric medication because I run into so many people that have drastic misconceptions about it, its applications, and how to best find success with it. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t … Continue reading

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Marketing And Mental Stability

For most of my adult life- I’ve been unable to hold a job long-term. The only job I actually had for years I should have been fired from several times over because I was undiagnosed and unaware of my rights … Continue reading

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Random Reflections On A Bipolar Life

I don’t usually use this blog for random musing type things but I think today is going to be an exception. Today, I just want to talk about some of the catalysts that changed how I viewed my life and … Continue reading

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Something Different I

I haven’t written a post in a bit due to my moods swinging fairly drastically. Haven’t been able to focus worth a shit or getting anything really accomplished. Think it’s getting to be about time for an up in dosage … Continue reading

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