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An Open Letter On Mood Disorder Warfare

Periodically I will write an open letter that is constructed to be shared with a relevant party. I do this for the loved ones of Bipolars and Depressives that don’t know what to say to the person struggling in their … Continue reading

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Bipolar Disorder: A Reason Or An Excuse?

We, the nutcases, often struggle to come to terms with the person we are while unwell versus the person that is masked by the mental illness. As we struggle for understanding in ourselves it is very difficult to project the … Continue reading

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A Few Misconceptions Of Psychiatric Medication #Bipolar #Depression

I spend a significant amount of time talking about psychiatric medication because I run into so many people that have drastic misconceptions about it, its applications, and how to best find success with it. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t … Continue reading

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An Organized Approach To Medicating

I can’t count the number of times I’ve ran into Bipolars and Depressives who do not have an organized approach to finding their wellness. I’ve dealt with a lot of different people since I started living openly with being Bipolar … Continue reading

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Misinformation On Psychiatric Medication

Psychiatric medication is a topic that invokes mixed feelings in a lot of people. The mere mention of it will cause others to go out of their way to warn you of the dangers of it. In my experience, these … Continue reading

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Of The Mental Health Profession And Fallibility

The quest for mental wellness is tightly intertwined with the advice and beliefs of the medical profession. The problem is that some medical professionals are not competent providers of care. The keyword is “some”. This is not an attack on … Continue reading

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The Joy Of Changing Antidepressants – Pt. 1 #bipolar #depression #mentalillness

This post will be the first in a series I will do in relation to my medication change. I hope it will provide insight into my decision making process and better facilitate your pursuit of mental stability. Just a few … Continue reading

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Doggie Kisses Are The Best Medicine

I haven’t been posting much because I have been taking care of a mentally unwell friend, my elderly grandmother, and an elderly dog. I figured since they love me so much, the least I can do is to take care … Continue reading

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How Does #Forgiveness #Heal? #Anxiety #Peace #MentalHealth

Everyone has been done wrong at some point or another in their life. Maybe, even, you have even done yourself wrong. Whether you have been abused, spoken ill about, made fun of, or harmed yourself in some way, we all … Continue reading

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An Open Letter On Depression #Depression #MentalIllness #Bipolar

I am penning this missive as an easy way to help try and get someone close to you to understand what you are going through. Print it out, forward it to them; whatever. Get it in front of that person. … Continue reading

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