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Hello. Every day, I receive comments, messages, and email from people like yourself asking for my perspective or assistance with their situation. I answer ALL meaningful correspondence I receive. Since the launch of my website in 2012, I have answered over 7500 emails, 800 blog comments, and have had God knows how many conversations about Bipolar Disorder and mental illness. As you may imagine, that requires a great deal of time.

In the past, I have answered all correspondence in the order that I received it. Now, I will slide the people who are willing to make a financial contribution and support what I’m doing to the front of that queue. I am leaving the choice on how much you want to contribute up to you. It is very important to me that I and my work are as accessible to as many people as possible, because I distinctly remember what it was like to broke, lost, and alone in trying to figure out how to deal with my mental illness.

What can I help you with? The unifying factor that lands most people on my website is that they are confused. A majority of what I do is listen as a neutral party, answer what questions I’m able, and get you pointed toward an actionable path that will lead you to a solution.

However, it is important to remember that not every situation has a solution. That some solutions require years of work or patience to reach a meaningful conclusion. And that I am not a certified mental health or medical professional. It would be better to think of me as a Consultant or Coach with life experience and a great deal of knowledge about the processes, challenges, and life surrounding mental illness. I can’t tell you what medication you should be taking, but I can tell you how terrible of an idea it is to quit or change your medication without talking to your prescribing professional first.

Rather than me blowing my own horn about what I do, I would encourage you to look at my Feedback and Testimonials from people just like yourself who I have helped.

But, if you already know, then you can get started by making a Contribution via the Paypal link.


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I totally understand if resources are tight, life isn’t being kind to you at the moment, or you just have a question or two. I encourage you to go ahead and write as well. I will answer as soon as I am able and you will receive the exact same quality of service, though it may take me some time to respond.

Note: I am not trained for and do not provide emergency or crisis services, therapy, diagnosis, or any type of medical or legal advice. I am not a mental health or medical professional of any kind. If you are in crisis or danger, notify local authorities immediately! Please see my full Disclaimer for more information.