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On Bipolar Disorder And Manic-Depression…

It’s about time I touched on the difference between Bipolar Disorder and Manic-Depression. I’ve talked to a number of older folks who were diagnosed as Manic-Depressive but insisted they are not Bipolar. I’ve talked to a therapist and two doctors … Continue reading

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Am I To Blame Or Is Bipolar Disorder?

This post was inspired by an off-handed comment made by a Bipolar woman I know. I hope this perspective can help you see yourself in a more positive light. We Bipolars are no strangers to screwing up and destroying the … Continue reading

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Mood Disorder Wellness Hinges On The Afflicted

Many challenges exist for the Depressed or Bipolar person in their quest for wellness. The challenges faced by our loved ones trying to help us can seem insurmountable. It’s been a commonly stated belief (at least among the crap that … Continue reading

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Of Mental Illness, Amanda Bynes, And Her Mother…

I typically don’t pay much attention to pop culture or celebrity garbage, mostly because I don’t care about it; but my eye is usually caught when mental illness comes into play. I’m always interested in the way the public perceives … Continue reading

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Approaching Mood Disorders As Partners In A Relationship

Decision making is not one of the strong suits of an unwell, mentally ill person. The unwell brain can potentially convince us that anything is not only a great idea; but the best idea of our lives. This is apparent … Continue reading

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Random Reflections On A Bipolar Life

I don’t usually use this blog for random musing type things but I think today is going to be an exception. Today, I just want to talk about some of the catalysts that changed how I viewed my life and … Continue reading

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