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Of Robin Williams, Depression, And Suicide…

Well, it’s been about two weeks now since Robin decided to end his life. I talked to quite a few other Bipolar and Depressive people who hit a similar low on hearing about that. It was kind of weird because … Continue reading

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Here One Day – A Look At Bipolar Disorder And Its Repercussions

For those of you that have followed my blog and my website for awhile, you know I’m not in the habit of promoting things that I do not think have real substance to them. And even then, it is usually … Continue reading

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The Suicide Of A Good Man

The struggle for stability is a war we all wage with ourselves. Unfortunately, there are casualties in war. Some are collateral damage, others are direct damage. Today I bring you a true story of a direct casualty. On June 10th, … Continue reading

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Am I To Blame Or Is Bipolar Disorder?

This post was inspired by an off-handed comment made by a Bipolar woman I know. I hope this perspective can help you see yourself in a more positive light. We Bipolars are no strangers to screwing up and destroying the … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Human Emotions And Mood Disorder “Emotions”

I have come to realize that a lot of people simply do not grasp that there is an extreme difference between genuine human emotion and what people with mood disorders experience. I feel like this is an imperative distinction to … Continue reading

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A Treatise On The Word “Normal”

In the past two weeks I’ve seen six different images with some variation of “What’s Normal?” “Just a setting on a dryer.” and “There is no normal.” I get the intent behind the images but I wonder how many people … Continue reading

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Preventing Catastrophic Damage In A Bipolar Relationship

I am regularly asked about a particular situation that involves the perspective and decision making of a Bipolar person. In this situation, the Bipolar person appears to be doing reasonably well, but they eventually swing into mania or depression. If … Continue reading

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Breaking Through The Walls Of Undiagnosed, Untreated Mood Disorders

There is a train of thought that I have been wrestling with since I started being open and doing what I do through my website- “how do you get through to someone who doesn’t realize there is a problem?” I’m … Continue reading

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Do You Think Bipolar Relationships Can Work?

I cannot tell you how many times a week I get asked the title question- “do you think Bipolar relationships can work?” I can also tell you the numerous amount of criticisms and negativity that the people asking have read … Continue reading

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Mood Disorders And The Choices We Make

The central point of everything I bitch and harp about in regards to mood disorder management is education. The afflicted and their closest loved ones need to understand every facet of the mood disorder if they want to effectively counter … Continue reading

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